PS5 May Have Already Won the Console War

The term that is shaping the next era of PlayStation consoles is an upgrade. The PS5 reflects a big transition for the PlayStation identity in several ways, especially when it comes to design aesthetics and messaging. Although the Xbox Series X (and in this case, the Xbox Series S) offers an iteration in the form of a set, the PS5 is a real upgrade to gaming on PlayStation. This is a combination of software and hardware development and tuning, ensuring that gaming remains the core offering. From there, additional features and functions are distributed around it as a futuristic control platform through user interface and hardware.

What PlayStation does with the PS5 is new, fresh and exciting, ensuring that the player base is not forgotten at its core. This may be the launch of the next generation of PlayStation, but every part of the deal is a commitment to invest in a trusted future.


Regardless of what you think of the console’s design itself, though, you really don’t like its PS5 DualSense controller. It’s almost weird to think that a controller could describe a console, but only PS5 has DualSense. Before you finally get your hands on one, it’s easy to ignore the latest features that have been touted as gimmicks, especially haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Although after spending hours with DualSense, this is a big part of why the PS5 differs so much from what came before.


What is also a pro is that the PS5 can be programmed without any hassle. Let your big kid out of the box, and the stand is extremely easy to set up, whether he’s a member of the vertical team or the horizontal team. So it’s just a matter of following the guidelines, which contain questions about how you want to play, switching between different privacy profiles to restrict who you can communicate with, and what control settings you want to use.


It starts with the architecture. Take a look at the PS5 and it’s apparent that this sexy alien beast is a significant departure from anything PlayStation has done before. No longer are we looking for a console that slides reasonably inconspicuously between your Blu-Ray player and the set-up boxes in your TV media center. Modern, new and exciting, the architecture of PS5 is the dominant piece of a console, much of which you certainly wouldn’t love, let alone match your existing TV setup.


It is very easy to access everything that PS5 backwards compatibility offers. Does PS4 external hard drive contain games? Just plug it in and start playing. Or you can switch everything over a Wi-Fi link between the two consoles. However, even if you want to resume again, you must be sure that you are just waiting for your entire game collection to be updated in your game library. All of your PS4 games, just like on PS4, are listed here.


It feels like an extension of the current PS4 UI, it takes a while but it breaks down into much easier to use groups. It makes navigation a lot simpler, especially if you’re a heavy PS5 user. Each of their games, like in the Xbox UI, has a dedicated room, which includes things like the trophy tab, trending streams, and more. This portion is the closest to what any PS4 user is aware of and can still be reached with a long press on the PlayStation button controller.


The PS5 already does everything well. By relying on a complete overhaul of its hardware, controller, and core UI features, PlayStation has unleashed the next generation of gaming. While the improved graphics and frame rates are obviously a boon and something that will certainly evolve in the years to come, it’s the immersion improvements in gaming that really define the generation gap. Turn off loading screens and wave at the touch of a button to get more information about your games. There are big quality of life changes here, everything is packed into a console that looks and sounds like the future, although not everyone likes the console itself.

PlayStation’s push towards launching a more mainstream console has absolutely paid off Microsoft’s approach. Games to indicate clear launch titles are a great advantage to show off what PS5 can do. That’s just the beginning, and I’m already impressed.

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