State of Survival Game Review

Developers at KingsGroup Holdings who created various fantasy games have created an intriguing adventure in their new zombie game called State of Survival, which features a wonderful and complex mix of entertainment styles, whether played solo or with other players. The single player mode concentrates on fighting opponents to free up areas for the player’s central base or to pass some levels. In contrast, multiplayer revolves around raiding and attacking other players.

State of Survival offers a vivid storyline with many different heroes, which encourages the player to progress through the levels and find out more about the backstory. Even though the dialogue is skippable and straightforward, spending some time reviewing it will probably motivate you to continue playing the game, as it adds flavor to the game’s already solid foundation.

The story of State of Survival is quite similar to any other zombie game: the world falls into chaos and human survivors gather in safe havens and territories, escaping from the aggressive danger of zombies. However, the state of chaos and lack of order lead people to fight over supplies and raw materials.

Joe Nolan is a tough ex-soldier who was accused of trafficking and shamefully expelled. At the beginning of the game, he manages to join a shelter after saving someone from an undead. Afterwards, he is named Chief after proving his courage and bravery in reclaiming areas from zombies. The player is expected to build a strong base that can withstand attacks from both the undead and competing groups.

The game basically revolves around conquest. The player will be mostly at the base, building and upgrading new buildings, gathering supplies, recruiting armies, and pretty much doing what a Boss is supposed to do. But it is different from real-time strategy and combat where players can participate in various competitions. However, while it is possible to recruit various military forces and deploy them on expeditions, the player can also upgrade heroes, equip them with equipment, and send them on missions. These skins resemble real-time strategy games where champions fight off zombie invasions.

As of October 2019, there were around ten heroes to obtain, each of which had special characteristics and abilities that make them outstanding for specific missions. Explorer Trial missions are great for breaking the boredom that permeates most conquest ventures. The Survival state is the perfect destination for those looking for some excellent PvP conquest on top of their extraordinary single player adventure.

State of Survival isn’t just about the number of items you can get by playing and evolving. There’s more to anticipate, like getting a new type of troops that can give you the upper hand in battles against other players. Or explore new techniques to improve the production of resources and the speed of building and expanding your base by invading new territories occupied by zombies. However, all of these quests are familiar in any other conquest game. Still, as State of Survival combines strategy and real-time battle, there are several aspects to discover regarding the skills, equipment, and abilities of the heroes. All unlocked champions have their own story and can be evolved, trained, and armed with different equipment.

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