The Last of Us Part II review: A dark masterpiece

Releasing a sequel to a much admired game is overwhelming and can easily disappoint fans. The Last of Us Part II easily meets the challenge.

This sequel builds on a well-crafted story and perfects it. It does the first edition justice, building on the original without deviating too far, which could alienate fans hoping to try what they first enjoyed. If you have not found the original, please refer to the following link.

The Last of Us relies heavily on this entry, as the consequences of Joel’s behavior have become widespread and the story is not unforgettable. Ellie and Joel got a fresh start in Jackson, Wyoming, but the game shows players that moving on isn’t that easy.

The story is somber, but never nervous. Sometimes there is a feeling of empathy for your enemies. The game contains many unexpected twists and turns that make The Last of Us Part II feel mentally and narratively polished. Easter eggs and funny jokes, but it’s a revenge story. That is unforgettable.

emotional impact

The Last of Us was praised for its dramatic storyline that left players in awe, and Naughty Dog’s sequel figures out a way to capitalize on that. The Last of Us Part II is better as a gut punch.

I can’t remember the last time I looked at the screen with wide eyes and thought, “No. It can not be true. This can’t be how this is going.

Players of the first game already know and love Ellie, so it’s easy to accept her story. That said there is no happy story. Fans are probably hoping that, as Sony called the plot, a quest for revenge. But Part II’s Last Us takes a lot of dark turns. It twists, twisting your expectations and with it, your sense of comfort.

And even though I feel like I know Ellie, it feels like meeting an old friend that I’ve parted ways with. Sure, it’s her, but she’s older and has gone from a strong, spirited kid to a jaded survivor.

Ellie is still incredibly loyal and brave, but she gave up hope from the very first game. That’s possible because Ellie was on her way to finding a cure in the original. The failure of that project took away some of her hope and hasn’t helped her grow up in a post-apocalyptic world while she’s still struggling with the torturous stresses of becoming a teenager.

We see her leaving and her grief asking Joel about his first girlfriend. This piece of storytelling is particularly beautiful, and I was pleased to see Ellie’s feelings expressed as honestly as heterosexual relationships.

naughty dog

His friendship with Joel also deepens as they establish a new life after the events of the first game. In one of her birthday flashbacks, where the time they spend bonding is a powerful reminder that the family is not all blood relatives.

Ellie is even older. She has doubts and she wasn’t one to shy away from challenging authority. And after her and Joel’s failed vaccine hunt, it becomes harder to watch people transform from one bite.

Ellie is sometimes barely recognizable, even to herself.

The incident that causes Ellie to take her revenge takes everything away from her.

Our protagonist is even unrecognizable to herself. Watching her journey, active but unwilling to change course, is difficult. The stories make The Last of Us Part II one of my best gaming experiences. She reminded me of the games my mom, who just didn’t fully understand my video game obsession, looked over my shoulder. The ones who stop telling her: “Aren’t you tired of playing that game? “Sit next to me in her place. That made me comment to my stepfather: “It’s like a movie.”

Much like The Last of Us, the story will remind players why they like to play and give birth to a young generation of gamers.

Although Ellie’s star, the story extends beyond her. In the lives of characters she would never meet, some dead, some still out there. You will find documents and memories, just like in the last game. But this time the game generates stronger stories that can last the whole game. An early area document connects to a later level. A person in a note is the writer of another. And in the moments when I found the final note of an unknown character near his body, or worse, in a room with an infected, it broke my heart.

It has been hinted that Part II is darker and was not prepared.

Once again, this goes through Ellie. The world comes into conflict with itself. Different factions struggle to dispel a ceasefire on both sides, one for which neither side bears responsibility. There is also the deep moral question of which side is right. People who previously allied themselves with FEDRA, the government-sanctioned Firefly counter-movement, or chose to speak for themselves. But it’s not just life. It’s about what culture looks like when the remnants of human civilization cling desperately.

When you kill an enemy, his friends will cry for him. They all have titles. His allies would be saddened to find their corpses, not because they are in danger. It’s a heartbreaking yet practical detail, one that makes the game shine while leaving you with a hole in the stomach.

Again, The Last of Us Part II is a sequential game, and the gate, where you are prohibited from returning to a previous location, removes any illusion that it could be a true sandbox title.

When it comes to game items, what isn’t broken isn’t fixed. It works like the first game, but perfect combat. Stealth improves, there are new enemies, and you can spend resources depending on the combat style you choose. I found it simple and enjoyed the extra features.

visuals and details

The images of The Last Us Part II are simply magnificent. The environmental details and artifacts are phenomenal. I played in HDR on a basic PlayStation 4 and was surprised I wasn’t playing in 4K. it looks perfect. The textures look incredibly accurate and the landscapes look incredible. This is especially important considering the time spent outdoors.

The description of the character could be even more spectacular. There’s a little section where Ellie looks at herself in the mirror making various faces, and it’s not a cutscene. The animations look so fantastic that it seems like the creators are showing off.

Of course, not to mention that the crisis that entered this game will be negligent. Naughty Dog has faced criticism for its tradition of making its squad put in the grueling time to finish this and other games. It’s a shame someone works under those circumstances, and they are the true heroes that make this game as good as it is.

And so many complexities to discover. The options menu helps you adjust the difficulty of things like enemy health or the amount of resources you find.

Most notably, players can alter the controls to make it more useful in various ways. Visually, adjustments can be made to allow reading of subtitles or essential information. There is also a text-to-speech option and motion sickness settings. Players can also adjust how to play the guitar or drive a boat. These options are also revealed with on-screen updates and other usage options are revealed at the beginning. It’s a brilliant decision to see in more titles.

All of these details make The Last of Us Part II incredibly strong.

how to play

Expanding the game to add too many features means opening up the map. Although it is not an open world game, some levels are large and complex, and are worth going through.

When it comes to gameplay, it doesn’t fix what isn’t broken.

I was happy to find Easter eggs, figure out a story through notes and clues, or find useful gear to pick up while going out of my way.

There are also occasional moments that trigger scenes and seem optional. Some parts were adorable, but others added a strong emotional layer. I highly recommend checking it out and I’ll probably start running on another finalist.

our take

Part II’s Last is a tour de force that takes the best aspects of the original in its best forms. The plot will leave you stunned and some surprising twists will keep you interested. The level of detail and quality of story development and creation in the world is at the top of its class.

How long will this last?

The campaign lasts 30-40 hours, quickly reaching the latter if you want to explore and find something available. If you just want to complete the story, 30 hours is more accurate, but a little extra exploration will help even narrative players.

Should you buy it?

Yes, totally. The Last of Us Part II is set to become a classic game for years to come, not too different from the first version. The idea that this title is based on what went right makes adding it to your library easier to justify.

Is there a better alternative?

There’s nothing quite like The Last of Us Part II, let alone a better option. The gameplay and the battle are not new, but the history of those elements is unique. It’s also why people bought so much in the first game.

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