Top 5 Free Nintendo Switch Games You Can and Should Play Right Now

Free Nintendo Switch games are much better than paid Nintendo Switch games. This list has you covered if you want to check out some new Switch games without spending any money. There are vibrant puzzle games, fantastic MOBAs, and the most popular Battle Royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

With the Nintendo Switch OLED set to launch on October 8 this year, you’ll be looking at buying a replacement handheld, making free games more important than ever. This list will allow you to enjoy your Switch without touching your money account again. Remember that you will have to pay for a Nintendo Switch Online account to get these games. And that we need to show that several of the games mentioned below are “free to start”, which implies that you will download and play them for free, but you have to pay more for cosmetics or to advance faster. However, you don’t need to spend any money to get started; in certain circumstances, you will avoid it.

This collection includes a wide range of game genres, ensuring that every form of gamer is catered for and enjoy some free games. Buying a console is an investment, so having a library of free games available at any time to avoid spending some money could be a great idea. As a result, we’ve compiled an inventory of the best free Nintendo Switch games in the list below. No problem.

war frame

First of all, there’s Warframe, one of the best free-to-play shooters of recent years that has been perfectly translated to mod. Unsurprisingly, Tenno’s adventures aren’t as sharp as they are on PS4, but that won’t stop you from marveling at how smooth and fluid the shooting action is here and wondering how on earth most of it is completely free. Warframe is scary initially, like starting a show in the middle of Season 5, but once you’ve chosen your Warframe and your talents, it all becomes a bit clearer and you’ll focus on the brilliant PvE at hand. Consider the terrific free-to-play Destiny on Switch, chock-full of grinds, and you’ve got the right homicidal space clue.

Apex Legends: Battle Royale

Apex Legends can be a great battle royale where you will choose a character based on their skill set. If you prefer running and gunning, a personality like Bangalore, who can use smoke bombs to mask his tracks and unleash a torrent of explosives on enemies, might appeal to you. If you choose to play things more tactically, you’ll always use Wattson to build electric perimeter walls to keep enemies out of certain places. Apex Legends released for Nintendo Activation on March 9th and is available to play, so be sure to jump in and check out another Battle Royale.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a game that was previously called Realm of Valor and Strike of Kings, and it was the first MOBA to be released on the Nintendo Switch. Its flaws (most notably the long queue times and features available on mobile but not on Switch), but it’s still a fun game to play. Isn’t there anything better than playing a MOBA on your couch? Various methods of entering Arena of Valor include 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, and a “Hook War” mode. Arena of Valor could be a fun and accessible game with a basic system and great gameplay. It is also completely free.


Super Smash Bros: Ultimate is also controversial even among fighting game fans. Whether you “enriched” your teenage years by playing Street Fighter II every available quarter or not, the brand of fighting gravity and gun-raining battle might not be for you. That’s where the superb Brawhalla comes into play. He’s a well-designed, immediate, free-to-play fighter that will give you an honest idea of ​​how you’ll handle the fast-paced action of Smash. Quite so, he’s an amazing solo scrapper in the title of him. There’s a plethora of characters to choose from, pixel-perfect platforming, and a vigorous and involved community. The clean styling and cartoonish presentation are also easier to recognize than Ultimate’s garish, explosive design. The bad news is that you’ll have no excuse when a cartoon viking hits you in the face with an axe.

nuclear shelter

Released in 2015 for those trying to find a radioactive hit in the lead up to Fallout 4, this cartoony vault builder is now more engaging than ever. The shelter allows you to understand all of your undiscovered ambitions to build the perfect radiation-proof resort. The would-be vault dwellers actually line up to become cogs in his colorful but well-oiled machine, balancing food and electricity production with beds and armories. Since the game’s debut, a new quest system has been included, so it’s not just admiring the chat lines once you join some townspeople, but also building some new ones. Even better, you’ll be able to ignore in-app purchases because there are no paywalls when it comes to your daily Overseer tasks. Although it’s still hard to resist attractive house cats…


Right now, hosting Fortnite seems a bit like the person at a celebration behaving as if the MCU might be a lesser-known collection of indie movies that only they know about. The good news is that Fortnite fits a kind of doomsday gauntlet of the aforementioned not-so-independent movies on Nintendo Switch. Whether you provide Epic Games with your payment card information or not, the 100-player colorful carnage runs great at 30fps on handheld and fully supports cross-platform play. Nothing can match the continual evolutions of Fortnite for everyone to keep playing, making it one of the most exciting games to release on Switch. It’s a bragging achievement that Nintendo’s platform can sit quietly alongside its larger brethren while delivering an excellent stroke of cinematic madness.

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