Ultrabook Razer Blade Stealth overview

The Blade Stealth models are the Razer brand’s take on the ultrabook concept. Although the company has a motto “For gamers. For gamers”, this model is not a gaming laptop. Let’s look at the disadvantages and advantages of our today’s hero, first the Razer ultrabook compared to other laptops.

design and construction

Fans of Apple devices often prefer Razer laptops over devices from other companies. The answer is too simple, we can get it with measuring sticks. Blade Stealth is almost similar in size to the popular MacBook Air, including case size and weight. The devil is in the details, from a single-piece metal casing to the huge bezels that surround the screen. The metal has a subtle satin texture to it that makes it a pleasure to touch, and after hours of use it didn’t bother me at all. The only bad thing is a fingerprint magnet. I wouldn’t say this is critical because the design is still quite attractive and the screen (12.5 inches) is just perfect! Despite this, the laptop still looks a bit dated compared to, say, the Dell XPS 13’s nearly frameless display. The laptop’s minimalist design and build quality are excellent. The case is made entirely of black anodized aluminum and has a tactile surface.

Razer display

The buyer has a choice of two options. This is a normal quad HD matte screen or a glossy 4K touch screen. Both sound good, there are still some issues with 4K resolution on Windows. Whatever you choose, they both have multi-touch and backlighting. Although the LED backlight is bright enough, I wouldn’t recommend using this laptop outside. Brightness and contrast are above the market average. The screen is glossy, so it would be great to offer a non-touch matte screen. However, the glossy screen has an excellent viewing angle, bright and accurate colors, and an excellent level of contrast.

keyboard and trackpad

Is it important to you to maintain high productivity and use a laptop on the go?

A high-quality trackpad and keyboard are a must. On our laptop the keyboard is decent, while the trackpad is not so perfect.

The Razer Blade Stealth uses an island-style keyboard with Chroma technology that provides individual LED backlighting for the keys, each of which can display the full RGB color model. This allows you to create a bunch of lighting options using one color or a combination of them, as well as accompany it with a variety of effects, for example, smooth transfusion from one color to another.

It’s hard to imagine who could possibly need so many backlight options on a laptop keyboard (16.8 million colors), but there are tons of customization options.

Additionally, the laptop is equipped with Razer Synapse gamer-oriented software. Therefore, players can control the color of individual keys and adjust programs with the keyboard. It is also possible to highlight the desired shortcut keys and adjust the keyboard profiles to a specific game.

Drawbacks. You will need time to get used to typing with much less force as the keys do not have much travel. Razer’s trackpad is pretty good, but it’s not perfect.

I’d say it’s very difficult, plus there’s no normal click and no trackpad travel. Apple, for example, solved this problem by adding little engines to simulate a click. In my opinion, the biggest drawback of the trackpad is the palm rejection. When I was writing a review, I accidentally started the tap-to-click feature and typed a bunch of text in the middle of the other sentences where the cursor was.

it’s not to play

The Razer Blade runs on integrated graphics, so using it for gaming would be disappointing. You can of course run games like League of Legends at 1080p. However, you shouldn’t expect to play modern “heavy” games. I am sure that the gamers will be disappointed with the graphics, but the common user will be satisfied with the performance of the laptop.

Battery duration

The brand is qualified to work at 8 hours of autonomous work. However, our test showed only 6 hours, even at 25% brightness level. If you need longer battery life, go for the quad HD display instead of the 4K option. Since a lower resolution will extend the work of the laptop for several hours.


However, the ultrabook turned out to be a success in many ways. The Razer Blade Stealth strikes a healthy balance: it’s not only ultra-compact but also highly productive. Another important difference is the 4K screen. Unfortunately, its features let us down. Compared to the Quad HD panel, it has no advantage. The higher resolution creates another drawback: higher power consumption. As a result, the autonomy of the model is low. If you want to launch new games on it, it is better to go for a modern gaming laptop.

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