Where to Get a Netherite in Minecraft and How to Build a Netherite Ingot?

Knowing where to locate Minecraft Netherite and how to build a Netherite Ingot is important since the Minecraft Nether update, but that doesn’t guarantee that players will automatically know where to search for Netherite in Minecraft. It’s a time-consuming procedure, but it’s worth finding this rare substance because it’s even stronger than a diamond in Minecraft. This allows you to craft some sturdy items, which can provide excellent protection as you begin your next risky expedition. If you can start looking for this valuable substance, here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Netherite, including how to obtain, craft, and use it.

In Minecraft, how can you get a Netherite?

Unfortunately, obtaining Netherite is not as straightforward as discovering and mining the ore. While this can be true of many other minerals within the game, Netherite requires some additional processing, like mining something different, putting it in a furnace, and mixing it with something else entirely, which can be made into armor and tools. Before searching for Netherite, you must do the following:

  • Get a diamond pickaxe
  • Mine 12 obsidian and build a nether portal
  • Remember the location of your Nether portal so you can return home

Where can I find ancient remains in Minecraft?

As mentioned above, the main thing you’d like to find in your Netherite quest is Ancient Debris, which you’ll only be able to get inside the Nether. You have to go deep to discover your Nether portal after traveling through it. This may be because the chance of finding more Ancient Debris increases with the number of blocks above the bottom of the world you’re in.

Unfortunately, because your nether portal can spawn at any random depth of the nether, it’s hard to say how deep you’d like to dig. You need to know your starting location, which you’ll get by pressing F3. this can display a lot of debugging information. Still, on the left side of the screen, there will be three coordinates: X, Y, and Z. While all three are important to understand for your Nether portal location (I recommend writing them down during a Notepad document!), you should concentrate on the Y axis to increase your chances of locating ancient remains.

The Y axis indicates how many blocks you are above the bottom layer of the world. Ancient Debris can appear in 1-3 block veins on Y axis 8-22 and in 1-2 block veins on Y axis 8-119. this means you can only place a maximum of 5 Ancient Debris blocks in a single shard (64×64 block segment of the planet).

Ancient Debris can only spawn if it is surrounded by other blocks or lava. This means you’ll have to dig a Nether mine shaft – you won’t find one when wandering around the Nether surface!

In Minecraft, how do you create a Netherite ingot?

Once you’ve got your ancient scraps, start melting them down in a furnace using any fuel source. An Ancient Scrap produces one Netherite Shard, but it takes four Netherite Shards to produce one Netherite Ingot. You will also need four Gold Ingots combined with the four Netherite Scraps to develop a Netherite Ingot. Therefore, collecting enough Netherite Ingots for a full kit will be slow. It doesn’t matter where the scrap and ingots are placed within the crafting grid because this can be a shapeless recipe.

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